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Radio Spectrum INO

Radio Spectrum Independent Non-profit Organization was established by the regulation of December 15, 2010, of Roskomnadzor's Coordination Board of the Radio Frequency Service Bodies. It was registered with the Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Justice on December 27, 2011.

Highest governing body: Supervisory Board
The chairman of the board: Alexander Zharov, the head of Roskomnadzor
Board members: head officers of the GRFC and radio frequency centers of the Russian federal districts

Radio Spectrum INO is:

Authors of the Magazine and Portal:

Head officers and experts of:

the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Roskomnadzor, leading industry players, the Radio Frequency Service bodies, scientific organizations.

Pursuant to the Decision No. 09-04-08 of August 19, 2009, of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies, the R-Spectrum magazine publishes decisions of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies.

The audience of R-Spectrum magazine and RSPECTR.COM portal includes the following: